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09.01.2006 - changed webpage and invitation to using forum and svn (summary page), plus check my other project called SVBO
16.04.2006 - glanchat 0.0.8, polish version of this site has been removed, changed email so if you wanted to contact me do it now
15.01.2006 - after long break i wrote some lines of code. Changes in Changelog and new version in week or two. If you want test new glanchat just send me an email and i'll send it to you. Last chance for requests bug reports etc.
05.10.2005 - GLanChat 0.0.7
22.05.2005 - GLanChat 0.0.6
07.12.2004 - glanchat - bugfix release. Thanks to Jakub Laszczynski
03.12.2004 - glanchat 0.0.5
16.11.2004 - if you are an artist create glanchat icon, and if you have some free time create glanchat logo ! I am waiting for emails !
If you have nice desktop send me glanchat screenshot, "screenshots" section is waiting.
12.11.2004 - at last 0.0.4 in download section !
02.10.2004 - glanchat is still alive. After very buggy 0.3 version it's time for version 0.4. There are mainly bugs fixes but few new features are also avalilable (look to changelog). I'm looking for testers. If you have some free time send me email (there's only way to recieve rc version). Come back soon !
31.08.2004 - version - fixed stupid error.
28.08.2004 - in download section you can find glanchat-0.0.3.ebuild for Gentoo Linux.
27.08.2004 - proudly present glanchat-0.0.3.
14.08.2004 - if you have window$, send me screenshots of Lanchat Pro 2.20 options. You can visit, there is download, forum etc. In new version of glanchat you'll be able to open links by click on them, if you want something more just mail me (or forum).
23.07.2004 - glanchat 0.0.2 ready, i'm waiting for slovak translation, but for couple days you find it in download section.
13.07.2004 - glanchat 0.0.1 to download.
12.07.2004 - i've got no mails so i do nothing with glanchat. I have no idea where are bugs or what more can i do. If you don't send mails, you should not expect anything new here.
02.07.2004 - picture of 0.0.1t added to screenshots section.
02.07.2004 - version theta in download section. I think it's last testing version, so send me bugs, translations etc.
There is one more thing. Send me some nice pix to put on buttons and userlist. Maybe someone do glanchat's logo.
Oh, and there is one button without action, if you know what it should do, just mail me.
29.06.2004 - if you downloaded eta version yesterday, DO THIS ONE MORE TIME !
28.06.2004 - next testing version is ready (eta this time).
25.06.2004 - i still have no time, but i made few things (look into changelog), so eta version for a couple of days. I'm still waiting for mails (you can write in polish, english, esperanto, russian and german, but i'll reply only in polish or english).
17.06.2004 - there is zeta version. Why so fast ? I don't have time to do glanchat now, so i put here newest version. So do not look here for about two weeks, but i'm waiting for bug reports, translations, opinions, features requests, etc.
15.06.2004 - zeta version in progres. Remember to look into changelog.
Date is now bald (here not in glanchat).
One more thing. If you want show your glanchat (desktop ;)) send me screenshot, in few days i'll put some in screenshots section.
14.06.2004 - GLanChat-0.01e is waiting to download.
I want to thank szafa for help in testing glanchat.
There is Slovak translation now, made by Lukas Polacek.
Few people wrote this pictures (away, online) are pitiful so there is small tip:
after unpacking sources put other images into pixmaps directory (leave names from directory !!!) or after install put images to glanchat pixmaps directory (default: /usr/local/share/glanchat/pixmaps/)
06.06.2004 - delta version of GLanChat ready to download, epsilon is comming
27.05.2004 - i will put changes to changelog in "real time" ;-)
26.05.2004 - i forgot to change link in download, and sources has symlinks, but it's ok now ;-)
25.05.2004 - new version added (download and tell me what you think). Corected date i forget we have 2004 ;)
14.05.2004 - Screenshot of gamma version
13.05.2004 - after 2 months drinking i'm back to live. Gamma version of GLanChat is comming. Now main site is news site Logo